Dr. Catriona Hippman, PhD, CGC

I am a postdoctoral research fellow with the BC Women's Reproductive Mental Health Program, the UBC Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and the University of Calgary Faculty of Nursing. My fellowship is supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Michael Smith Health Research BC, the Killam Trusts, the University of Calgary Eyes High Program, and the BC Women's Health Foundation, and my research work is additionally supported by generous gifts from an anonymous donor and iA Financial Group.

My doctoral work focused on how to support women deciding about how to care for their mental health during pregnancy. My fellowship work aims to elucidate strategies best suited to the Canadian context for the care of birthing people experiencing acute postpartum mental illness, through parallel lines of both qualitative and quantitative inquiry into Canadian and international experiences. 

I am a White settler, I live with panic disorder and recurrent depression, and I am a mother to two children. My own story of struggles and resilience during motherhood can be read at The Good Mother Project.  I also trained clinically as a genetic counsellor, and have been a certified genetic counsellor since 2009. 


To improve mental health at times of transition in relation to changes in hormones, genetics, physiology, and family composition through feminist, person-centred research and advocacy for equitable access to mental health services.  


For all people to be mentally healthy at times of transition in relation to changes in hormones, genetics, physiology, and family composition. 


1) Justice – including critical thinking, community, empathy, curiosity, diversity, inclusion, power, safety, respect, vision

2) Whole-heartedness – including nurture, care, authenticity (openness, vulnerability), reflexivity (self-awareness), creativity, trust, compassion (including self-compassion), connection, joy

3) Perseverance – including bravery, one-pointedness, commitment, loyalty, patience, reliability 

Areas of Research Expertise

Perinatal mental health; Health service delivery; Patient-oriented research; Feminist, constructivist research; Pharmacogenetics; Decision-making 

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