Mar 1, 2024

Upcoming Project: Seeking Participants

Riding on the success of our first animated video, the Creating Comfort in Choice team is starting to prepare for our next project! 

We are seeking participants for the creation of a short, documentary style video about deciding whether or not to take antidepressants in pregnancy.  Varied experiences will be put together and shared on BC Women's Hospital Reproductive Mental Health website. 

For more information, please see our participation form. Please note that there are options to remain anonymous while sharing your story, if privacy is of concern. Thank you for your consideration!

Feb 16, 2024

IHDCYH Video Competition: The Results are In!

In the fall of 2023, we entered a video competition hosted by the Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health, called IHDCYH Talks. During a month long campaign, video submissions from across the country received votes via email or Youtube likes. It was an honour to have our animation be amongst an impressive line up of videos showcasing important research in creative ways. 

Although our video didn't end up winning the IHDCYH video competition, many people both in the healthcare community and the general public saw our animation and we are glad to have the exposure and to have made an impact on many. We couldn't have done it without you all, so thank you!

Click here to watch the entire 2023 IHDCYH video competition playlist.